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Monday, 07 November 2005



That's hilarious!

I haven't solved an integral in about 18 years ... actually, not since I switched majors from physics to archaeology in my third year of college.

These days, I get along well with math ... that is, any math problem that can be solved with a calculator or an Excel spreadsheet!

JuJu's Mom

OMG, I thought I was hot stuff because I do Cryptoquips and can finish a Sunday New York Times Crossword once in awhile...
I haven't solved an integral in, let me see, um..., EVER because I never saw one before. But I'm very curious now. Did I mention that I was born on Albert Einstein's birthday? Like that would help. What are those Greek symbols? If it's Calculus, I flunked out in high school.



The title is just a geeky way of writing, "Unleash the inner geek".

And yeah, the symbols in the actual comic are largely from calculus. Mathematics in general.

James Graham

Good Lord Si, 1/4 X ^4 was a stretch for you?

Thank goodness it wasn't dx dy. You sadden the math gods.

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