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Thursday, 17 November 2005



Wow. Just...wow.


heh heh...

he said irony nails...


Gotta play, me too on this one.

We go out July 11 to a pharmacy to pick up a prescription for Ben. It's a chewable tablet. The pharmacy tech asks us the child's birthdate, which my wife provides her. The tech then says, "We have July 11." My wife, feeling fairly confident in her memory of the day she pushed a bowling ball out of a milk jug, informs her that her records are wrong. My wife corrects her, says again that it was July 2, and then the woman behind the counter asks, "Of 2005?"

Yes, he was born 9 days ago, and we figured this chewable tablet would be the perfect thing for him.


As a teacher in said sad education, I think I've got you both beat, as I get to read the essays, mark the tests, and hold the discussions that seek to find out just what one...doesn't know.

My personal two favourites to date:
Assignment: One page essay single spaced.
Result: A one page essay single spaced that contained not one single capital letter or punctuation mark...not even a period at the very end. It makes a great test of ones lung power when you see how much of it you can read out loud before you pass out.

Next: Having spent time in class studying the geography of Canada and Europe (this was a Canadian school) I informed my students there would be a test. They knew when the test would be, they knew what cities of Canada and countries of Europe they would have to be able to identify on a blank map. We even practiced in class. Nevertheless, I had taught long enough that, upon marking said tests, I wasn't surprised when people labelled Russia or Turkey as Great Britain and so on. I was, however, unprepared for the person who labelled the European countries on the Canadian map and the Canadian cities on the European map. My bad, not having thought it necessary to label which map was which.

Sorry for the rant, but it's a topic close to my heart.


Wow. Another Ben born on July 2. With each passing day, I think I'm gonna have to add one of those email numbers at the end of my son's name so he can be identified in class.

"Who knows the answer? Yes, Ben_126945? No, I said 6945, not 6845! GADAMMIT! I'm going to colour-code you all!"

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