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Tuesday, 22 November 2005



Yes. I know what you mean. Having a boy and a girl myself, there's something very special and "sad" about raising a boy. Because you have the responsibility of making him into a "man". Girls tend to stick closer to home and seem to stay more dependant -- like they're always still little girls, in there somewhere. But, with boys you have a little helpless baby and in 20 (short?!) years you've got someone who'll look after his own family with all sort of responsibilities,etc.

--(I think I'm just gonna stop here. I'm beginning to sound really sexist, I think... But I don't know any other way to describe raising a boy. Maybe if your next baby is a girl, you'll be able to see where I was going with this.) :)


I know how you feel. My little 28-month-old boy is just amazing and very challenging every day.

Look, I don't have a way up here at work to contact you directly, so please update your link to my blog, Regular Life.

Now it's:


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