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Wednesday, 19 October 2005



That about sums it up. He makes it sound pretty easy, too!

Mark Williams

Yes, he makes it sound easy. They are, however, excellent points. Frankly, 3 is the only one I probably slip on a bit, just because I don't listen to my wife well at times. 5, of course, I don't know yet.

The first time I realized he was trying to be like me, I pretty much became a blubbering mess. Then there was the first time he leaned on me when I was putting on his shoe. Ah, the joys that one day will be gone forever. I will miss my little boy.


Well said. I know it isn't always easy ... but it's always worth it. tina


Actually, #2 is usually the one I have the hardest time with. The rest are pretty easy for me.


Just you wait until he tells you that he hated you all through adolesence ... but that now, as a father himself, he understands why you were the way you were and loves and respects you for it.

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