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Monday, 24 October 2005



He looks like such a little man in his recliner! Too cute! Yes, the television is a blessing and a curse.


I remember when Matthew was that age. Ah, yes, the pre-DVD days. Matthew quickly learned that if he inserted a prerecorded tape into the VCR, it automatically turned on, and began playing. Also, after the movie was over, if he let the tape keep playing until it reached the end, the VCR automatically rewound the tape, ejected it, and turned off. Then he needed only push the tape back in, and it would begin playing once again. I swear, he would watch the same movie fifteen times in a row.

Mark Williams

Sheesh. That is a lot of TV. I cannot judge, however, as my wife is not pregnant. Were she, we might have the same routine.


I sympathize with your wife's need for respite from an active toddler at the same time as I bemoan the inculcation of habitual boob tube employment as babysitter & hypnotic entertainer.

It's a real shame my mother isn't available for a consult. She managed her third pregnancy simultaneous with raising a one-year old and a three month old...

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