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Tuesday, 11 October 2005



Heh heh. I've been preparing a series of photos of Ben for his blog that remind me of this.

Coming soon...


Hilarious pic there. The page header image of the boy at the fountain is great, too!

So, I like that feature where it gives a snippet of the blog entry and allows the reader to continue if they want. You can get a lot more "headlines" on one page that way. Hmmm... but I don't think Blogger offers me that. There are other features of other blog sites that I like. Hmmm.. better not switch now, I guess, since I actually have a few readers.

Sitemeter is slow in sending me my login information. Bah! Gimme my stats!


Hey! That's not a bad idea! I could really use one of those things, especially when we are travelling. I wonder what would happen if I tried to take my 2-yr old to a restaurant like that ....

hmmm ... not very discrete, methinks.

maybe that "static correction collar" you were talking about the other day is a better idea ....

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