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Saturday, 01 October 2005



Okay, I'm in, but what is Quoi??? Oh and my condolences on being Kreblachistanian.. tough break, that one... ;) Penny


Quoi? is the French word for What?

And it's not so bad being Kreblachistanian. Once you get over the fact that all firstborn children are sacrificed to keep the wolves at bay. Great universal health care.


I never really knew about frost heaving until reading Family Handyman. I had lived in Florida until 2000 so it was never really a concern.

Great journal.


Si, you are so exotic. You have to stop all this Canadian sweet-talking and Peak Freaning or my husband won't let me visit you here anymore.

I bet you say Gravol instead of Dramamine, too.


Jenn, Simon's fooled you. If you look closely at his post, he's actually talking about the country of Canadia, not Canada.

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