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Friday, 14 October 2005



Umm, so what was the question??


That's it.
That WAS the search questions.


Jeeves should be more like Alex Trebek and demand these be phrased in the form of a question. And anyway, I must have missed YOUR earlier take on hoojackapiffy grooming.

lots to learn



You know, you can use a "robots.txt" file to disallow the areas of your site with your "personal" files ... this ought to keep the search engines out of your more "private" stories (ahem!) and reduce those embarassing search results! ;-)


Okay, I'm gone for a bit and we are all about shaving hoojackapiffy's....how'd I miss THAT entry??? ;)


hoojackapiffy??? That some Canadian term?

You realize, of course, that now that you have actually quoted this text on your site, the rest of the search engines will elevate your rank among the fetish seekers from all over the world!

Anyone searching for that kind of thing will actually see the full text fragment as if it were yours ;-)

You may be getting some interesting company before long!


Actually Jim, that term was coined by Jenn, a bloggin' mama in the Berkshires, Maryland. I truly cannot recommend reading her site strongly enough. She totally rox.



I always laugh when someone stumbles onto my site by "poly-orgasmic". This is the post it refers to:


I'm sure they're quite surprised!


Um, since when do I live in Maryland? Sheesh. And you Canadians complain that we stupid Americans can't find Canada on a map.

But I love that I rox. Thank you. You rox too.

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