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Wednesday, 05 October 2005



Actually, I think I read that someone else who'd read his list suggested the last one to him but he eventually removed it from his list because it just wasn't him. I'm gonna look into that and get back to you.


Ben Franklin was one of the greatest men and a great lover of venery!!! Just read The Great Improvisation about his time in France and he was a Numero Uno horn-dog!!! Having said that, I always like the list and he would actually chart his progress on a weekly basis... Penny


I seem to have trouble with number six. I get sidetracked very easily. I guess there are worse things .... Tina


Somebody has already touched on this, but don't forget number 14. Leave your wife in the colonies, go to Europe, and have all the sex you can. :)




Always be sincere.
Whether you mean it or not.

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