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Monday, 19 September 2005



The more I read you, the more I swear that you are one of my husband's crazy Calgary buddies.

That's a GOOD thing.

[Editor's note, this should read:]

The more'n I read ya, the more I swear by the bluid of the White Whale that yer one o' me 'usbands rum-fuddled Calgary mates.

YAR! That be a GOOD thing.


Je ne parle pas pirate.


Shiver me timbers ! A true Buccanneer ye be, too .... Aye, me hearty, Tina


Like I didn't have to listen to this from Keith the entire day!!! What is it about guys loving this pirate thing??? I truly do not get it....( besides the obvious joy of calling the missus a wench and demanding she swab yer deck) ;) Penny

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