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Tuesday, 27 September 2005



I always wonder about this too -- the stats say infidelity is really prevalent, which seems to suggest that we all know someone who's, um, being an infidel. I wonder where and who they are on a regular basis.

And those swinging swappers. Holy cow, that stuff freaks me out. I had a dream the other night that D. and I had agreed that we could BOTH sleep with Angelina Jolie, but then we scratched the idea at the last sec when we realized we couldn't go through with it without seriously screwing things up. Literally.

Faithful even in the dream world. How terribly dull, though.


Your stats seem low - I'm sure I once read it's a whopping 55% of married men who are unfaithful and upwards of 40% women. I couldn't tell you how substantiated that is, but I sure was shocked at the numbers! There also begs the question: how is infidelity defined? Emotional affairs, kissing, the whole nine yards?


Menage a moi ... Wasn't there a really good Seinfeld episode on this subject, too ?? Tina


Found you by way of Simon of Space. Pretty cool what CBB has accomplished and soon will accomplish.

When I read this post, it was if I had written it. My wife and I are exactly that way. It never occurs to either of us to mistrust (distrust?) the other. Like you so aptly put it, looking at the candy is, contrary to some judeo-christian beliefs, a whole different world from actually eating the candy. "Wow, look at her butt," is to heck and gone from "Wow, your butt feels good."

That said, it sounds like we have a lot in common. You guys wanna swing?

Ha! Gotcha.

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