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Tuesday, 06 September 2005



Oh my gosh, that poor sweet kid. We've never had croup here, not yet (she said, before wheeling around anxiously in search of wooden furniture to knock on).


Glad you're feeling better, Declan and Dad. Hospitals is no places for bambinos, eh?

Says the mother o' four: did they send home some albuterol? If you were a regular sufferer as a sprogling, maybe you can ask your doctor about getting a nebulizer for at home. Steamy air from running the shower with hot-water helped my kids the thankfully very few times they ever got it. Nasty stuff.


Glad to hear the little guy is feeling better. Loved the comment about the ER Doc pondering a move to the states for the "big bucks" .... If I told you what I spent on health care every month, you would know why I wasn't at all surprised at his comment. Sad, but true ... tina

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