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Wednesday, 21 September 2005



Perhaps Daddy needs a muzzle??? I love the melange idea... think I'll use it. And for your edification, Amy will notice a hundred things that simply must be fixed, or the world will not revolve.. do the best you can to appease her... as I said before, the hormonal madness will pass, but not until you have earned a few extra grey hairs....in an area you are really hoping stays youthful looking for a bit longer!! Your Pal, Penny ;)


Oh my god, how did I miss this one?!? You bit your kid! You bit your kid! You bit your kid over a CHEESE BUN! I don't even know what the hell a cheese bun is, but it sounds malevolent. Just the sort of thing that would make a man BITE HIS KID.

Sir, step away from the cheese buns.

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