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Thursday, 08 September 2005



Odd, I have never once considered myself a voyeur. But, of course, I only started reading after we'd became idle-post/quippy email friends. I know I would feel voyeuristic if I read a blog of someone I didn't know, and with one exception, I do not read blogs of people who started out as strangers. But part of that is my being a social worker: I do not ask for personal information without informed consent and privacy. I kind of have this thing about privacy. There are no Paula blogs.

But back to you. The relationship you describe is more complicated than performer/voyeur. Simon, you invite the world, seeking interaction (support, validation, spirited disagreement). It's a dynamic process, no matter if only a handful of lurkers come out of the shadows. Your stats illustrate the impact of your blog, even if you are not given verbal feedback. That clearly sustains you almost as much as our insightful witticisms:)

As for your mystery fan: someone from your past?



I see visits from the strangest locales. I sometimes suspect that half of the hits I'm seeing on my blog are simply the results of badly designed search engine spiders.


Nice post, Si. Good insights.

My own exercise in exhibitionism was jumpstarted by three things: insatiable in-laws who didn't feel I kept them enough abreast of grandchildrenly activities, we recently moved away from dear friends we'd like to keep in touch and up-to-date with, and a desire to journal anecdotes and family happenings for posterity. The later reason has become the more motivating one, but I will admit that I'm mindful of the possible diversity of my audience. It influences not just how I write but what I write. I don't mind if strangers who might happen along know what's going on in our lives, but I do care about them knowing certain information, like say where we actually live.

All that said, I've been surprised at the thrill I get whenever someone posts. I imagine it would be another little frisson to find out how many people read but didn't post - not to mention frustrating! "Come on, people, what's up?? Respond, dang yer hide! Say something, anything! Am I not entertaining enough for you? Does nothing I say instigate you in SOME manner?" Ah, egos. They aren't just for the rich and famous anymore. I feel like Sally Field.


I stumbled upon your site - I believe for the first time via AlbertaBlogs and was intrigued by your writing. I find it to be entertaining and from the heart, which is why I check in almost daily.

Wonderful site - keep it up!


If we are talking about whoring then I am more of a pro than you, averaging 46 per day :-)

But that's not what it's about is it? For me it's a way of disemminating information, venting my spleen, and keeping folks back in England informed of my activities.

Toque readers are a peculiar mix of Albertans, family, and English nationalists visiting from my other two blogs.


I'm with you, Simon ... I wanna know more. and more. and MORE. =) Tina


I am pretty sure i found you through Paul, but kept coming back because I like your style of writing and am intrigued by the daily nuances of the young family as it wends its way through life....oh and Declan is just beautiful, so I'll tolerate you to get to see him;)

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