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Tuesday, 09 August 2005



Oh! Oh! Oh! I can say nothing else! Oh! [recovering]

What a gift this will be for Declan and his sibling someday: proof positive of a father who was crazy about their mama. It doesn't get any better than that.

Happy anniversary, Simon and Amy!


Simon, When you write about your love for your wife, you remind me soooo much of my husband. And that is why, after 30 years ... We're still havin' fun, and he's still the one ............ Tina


It is letters like this that you will both look back on, reflect on and treasure far more than the ( what was it again) gift on the anniversary... I have every letter written by hubby and got all teary-eyed thinking of how verbally backwards he was in trying to articulate his feelings for me..which made them all the more precious...you carry them to keep you warm; you hold on to them like a life vest when times are tough and you find your way back to each other, because that's where you are supposed to be....now having said that, Mithter Fith???? That's just silly! ;) Congrats on getting it right and keeping it right, Simon and Amy!!!!!!

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