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Wednesday, 17 August 2005



Is that your wife sitting at the table playing with you? What a woman!

HILARIOUS Gavboy picture.

You're in good company. We were D&D nerds too.


Spellfire? Wow. I've known a lot of cardfloppers but you're the only one I've ever heard of that played Spellfire (I guess someone must have...)

You don't even want to pretend to imagine how many Magic:The Gathering cards I have. And my fellow geeks and I still convene weekly.

To seal the geekery deal, visit our homebrewed Magic website:

Reload the front page to see famous quotes and inside jokes from various gatherings...


Come on back. We can have you both play with us on friday nights. We use Klooge (www.kloogeinc.com) to play over the Internet. Friday nights, you can bounce him on your knee as you play. Or like other players duck away from the keyboard to change etc.

And I already have 3 women playing so your wife should feel right at home.

Email and I will give you details if you want to just pop in one night to watch.


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