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Thursday, 18 August 2005



To have experienced such a horrendous accident, and rather that rolling over, standing up to the world, and living large, and showing everyone how it is done, and then to be struck down in this way...


I've had examples of both kinds of loss in my life, and opinions on each. My father dropped dead at 52, of a massive heart attack, in my mothers arms. She said that as unexpected as it was, she was glad not to see the love of her life suffer a long illness. My father-in-law died of cancer, and my mother-in-law said those last few months, while hard for both, were some of the happiest and closest times they had together. Two different deaths, two differing opinions. Tina


I think that's the hardest part of life to comprehend: why tragedy seems to dog some folks, while others (seemingly) skate through the world untouched.


I failed to glean why you are unable to visit Jack from the entry?

Believe me, it would only need be a short 5 minutes or so, but I can say categorically he'd appreciate it and it will help chase the guilts away for you. I'd even suggest taking the mini-Me along for the visit.



Jack was quite far along in his affliction by the time I found out about it. Which is not to say that he would not have been receptive to a visit. And it is now, unfortunately, a moot point. He passed just before the weekend.

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