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Saturday, 06 August 2005



Now you know why we women are more up on ( no pun intended ) hoojackapiffy trivia than you guys are. Aren't ya glad that men's magazines aren't crammed full of boring topics like " If a Woman's Nether Regions Could Talk ... " I mean, do ya really wanna know ?????? Tina


My hubby brought hoojackapiffy home (er, the terminology) from Canada. I believe he said it originated with a crowd of drunken, rowdy Nova Scotians or Newfies. I was under the impression that all of you fine, euphemism-loving Canucks called them that. Er, no?

P.S. I took a lousy 55-minute walk with a friend tonight and nearly passed out under the weight of my own sweat. How the hell did you do a Death Race? I bow to you, sir.

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