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Wednesday, 24 August 2005



I always say .."whatever works", and this certainly applied to my kids. Odd kids that I had, they liked veggies, and hated fruit ... go figure. So, I added a wee bit of Cool Whip and some walnuts, and they had fruit salad. Sometimes we can actually outsmart our kids. Tina


He'll catch on soon enough and thwart you -- say, when he goes into his "macaroni and cheese" stage, or the dread "toasted cheese sandwich" stage. The comes the "hot dog stage" followed soon thereafter with the hamburg stage and the first chance in a year to get veggies into him -- via Veggie Burgers!


I thought I could outsmart my second child, who had a severe aversion to the color green. Kid wouldn't even eat green lollipops, for cryin' out loud. So one day we're eating tri-color rotini with our veggie-laden bolognese sauce and the sprog is refusing to eat the green-colored ones. So, at one of those moments when he's not really paying attention to what's on the fork, I slipped in a green rotini with two 'other-coloured' ones. He starts to chew. Then....wait for it....yes, there's a pause in the mastication....PLOP! Out spits the green one, the other two have been accepted and soon meet a grisly end. Dude, he COULD TASTE IT! In defeat, I buy children's multi-vitamins and hope for the best.

Oh, and Si, as a fellow sufferer of pregnancy induced debilitating fatigue, kudos to you, buddy, for a positive and helpful attitude. May you never know the frustration that is being unable to care for your family. It really undermined by self-esteem as a mother and wife, despite my own DH's superlative reaction.

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