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Tuesday, 23 August 2005



I'm proud of you Simon, keeping to your word never to grow up. Being grounded by family and fun when faced with dark days. You honour your colleagues by both your words and your actions.



I'm sorry Jack didn't have a chance to fight the cancer. He sounds like an extraordinary man. And thank you for answering my question about the other post.

You seem to have learned the essential lesson of life. It's unpredictable and entirely too short, regardless of how long you live. Live life to its fullest and you will never be disappointed.

Hug your family close. You are doing something right.


Thank you for sharing, Si. I needed to be reminded of that.


Jack sounds soooo much like my friend,Billy, who passed away last February. Today is six months since he's been gone, and I miss him like crazy. He had that same attitude. Nothing got him down. What a way to go through life. These people are like little lessons for us .... glad to hear you are listening. Tina

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