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Saturday, 27 August 2005



Wow, I'm evidently far enough removed from the gestation years to hear the 'dad' point of view without a trace of defensiveness on Amy's behalf. (Mind you, I never had a trace of morning sickness or fatigue with either pregnancies). Simon, facing frustrations and the necessary adaptations is never straight forward, but your willingness to face them and name them is very ,ahem, mature. Now go hit the swings for balance ;)



Hey great post! Very witty. I'm sure glad I happened upon you blog last week... because now I can live vicariously through you and your wife until we decide it's time for baby #3. (I was bothered that I was so tired with my second too. I wanted to be out and doing things but I just couldn't. By the time the 2nd trimester hit, I was a bit better, but liked the napping, and thought "screw it, if I can stay in bed for 2 more hours in the day, I'm going to.")


You sweet man!!! My poor dear hubby had to traipse through grocery aisles at 3am often and he never once complained....until the kid was born, then every time he did something dopeish, he'd remind me of the sacrifices he made for me. Surprisingly enough, it worked... 'Appiness and 'Armony...that's what counts.... ;)


Oh, I loved this, particularly the pic of dear Amy. Even as I struggle with my own two tots, I'm still charmed and thrilled by the info from your world. Proving that parenthood does punch holes in the brain, rendering it a blobby gray sieve.

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