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Sunday, 14 August 2005



I hear your pain.

I think it is a esential part of being human to admit that we get angry, rip roaring, nail biting, fist through glass angry.

It is what we do with that anger.

Most times I vent it out in some mostly harmless way. Scream lyrics to songs. (I have turned some Nicklecreek songs into angry anthems) Just attack a project with an unholy fury. People have told me that I would have a heart attack by age 30 if I did not learn to calm down. Guess I am already dead a decade now ;) I find venting quickly immeadiately keeps me on an even keel.

I try very very hard not to take it out on someone physically.

I have two small dogs, both 1 year or less. One has the potty training thing down. Open the door she goes out. Took her all of 2 months to figure it out. The other loves to be outside, then immeadiately comes in the back door, runs to the front door and does her buiness. SCREAMING mad some days.

When you are aware of your self like you are, it is easier to deal with. The idiot who gets mad and rather than think drinks it away is the one I worry about.

Warm furry bunny slippers.... ripped to shreads in your bare hands into little tiny shreds.

Take that deep breath, close your eyes and picture that pair of smiles you love.



My way of handling my anger? I swear ....loudly, and ALOT. And then I swear some more. But lately, I've taken to doing it with an Irish twist. " YE FOOKIN GOBSHITE YE ". Oh, I love it when I can make the F-word sound so melodious. Tina


Thanks to both of you. There are definitely other, BETTER, ways to deal with anger. Especially the sort that men typically keep bottled up because they're manly men and don't want to let it get to them. I mean us. I mean me.

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