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Thursday, 21 July 2005



It is a bit of a conundrum. I didn't quite understand; were the three close friends of yours, or close friends of each other, with you added to make up the foursome?

I look back on my own words from time to time. Most recently, I made that comment about asking a Chinese tourist to take our picture at Niagara on the Lake, that I now look back on and think, "that wasn't very nice."


Paul I know that comment you are refering to and no, it was not a mean thing. I took it to mean "you are a tourist when you grab some body and ask them to take your picture" not that you were stereotyping Chinese/Japanese as always carrying cameras and taking pictures.

As you may or may not know I work at the African-American Research Library in Fort Lauderdale. I get lots of surprised looks from people, what is a 40 year old white guy doing here? And when I have to act the "man in charge" I get that backlash.

When you have been on the receiving end then you KNOW how it feels and why it is not a good thing to do to other people.

Simon, there are lots of times that we talk at work about that difference also. I had to smile the other day when one of the teenage boys said that "you are the nicest white guy I every met". He did not think he was being racist, he was pointing out the big difference he saw between us.

It is the spirit of the comment not the words.

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