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Thursday, 07 July 2005



I'm sure your reputation as 'the guy who can do anything' has preceeded you :) Good luck!



Good luck to you, Simon. I hope it all works out for the best. Tina


I did a very similar thing recently, for the same sort of reasons. Upshot is I stayed put and feel much more motivated and appreciated and more importantly san now see how I want to develop in my present company. Ironically I was then offered opportunities to put that into effect. Good luck and Make It So!


If for no other reason than to benchmark your viability, this is a good idea. Money is really important, but it is not the end all. Keith took a sizeable cut to come here, but the rewards of quality of life far outweighed the smaller paycheck. Good luck, whatever you decide.


That's exactly the main reason why I'm doing it, Penny. Six years in one place can breed a certain degree of complacency. I don't intend to wake up one day and find myself stuck in a rut!

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