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Tuesday, 21 June 2005



The bottom line ?? Love is expensive. And making love is even more expensive........... my son just reached the quarter century mark, and he is still costing us money. And I am waiting to see the light at the end of that loooooooooong tunnel ..... Tina


You are absolutely right. We did the same thing in our twenties, took until our 30's to pay it off( 3 kids in the space of 5 years, we're like rabbits that way!) and we keep one card for emergencies, which I'm happy to say we haven't used in a year and don't use unless we can pay the full balance within 30 days... hard lesson, but if it saves one person from the hell of revolving debt, it's good advice!!!


I love that line, Tina...
...and making love is even more expensive. How wonderfully true that is.

Penny, that's the habit we're getting into now: no money in the bank does NOT mean that the credit card is open for business. Lesson learned; big time.


I say this not to gloat but rather as an example that it can be done.

My wife and I use the credit card for everything we would normally use cash for (don't have to carry as much cash and no Interac fees). Then we pay it down before the end of each and every month. We pay 175$ for the Avion points card which usually nets us a free ticket in North America each year. Not too bad and the credit card companies HATE us. They make very little off us.

If any family has not sat down and done a household budget with all the income on one side of the sheet and all your expenses on the other, that's just asking for trouble. My in-laws are terrible at their finances but after a quick trip to the advisor at the bank they saved thousands and got their budget on track.

I cannot thank my high school economics class enough. I'm glad I paid attention to a great curriculum.


Oh, and I'm advising any and all kids of mine to elope. Weddings are way too expensive. I'm not looking forward to finding out how expensive kids are.

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