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Wednesday, 29 June 2005



In general, I believe that less is more, but sometimes it's those extra words and phrases that give our writing it's distinct character. I mean,if I didn't preface every other sentence with, "okay," "well," or "so,anyway" ( not to mention "I mean" ), how would ya know it was me ????? Tina


There is certainly something to be said for being distinctive. And you, Tina, are!


Just wanted to say that you could have asked if anyone lost money without telling the amount. The details of how the money was folded and the amount would have identified the true owner. Just wantede to give you an out for the next time you are faced with such an ethical problem.

Alec Lynch

Of course, if adding those extra words or sentences adds style, flavour, or meaning, then in a way couldn't it be argued they are necessary?


Alec has hit upon the black magic of writing. One writer's necessity is another's extravagance. Just ask those thousand monkeys in my backyard...

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