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Friday, 06 May 2005



"flammable or inflammable"

I once thought as you did...

Flammable: able to combust
Inflammable: able to combust rapidly, possibly explosively

It's really just a question of how fast things catch fire. Of course, they really should be opposites. The "in" prefix is used everywhere else as such.


Thought at first we had a tied-to-a-tree scenario there with all that rain. My next thought - you're SUCH an engineer!



'Engineer' was not the word that first entered my mind. I believe 'doofus' beat it in. Flames three to four meters high? And this is only the first time your neighbours have called the fire department on you? You must be a Yorkshireman.


You shoulda seen the first spring we lived here...

There was a small Christmas tree out by the woodpile that made itself known after the thaw. That puppy musta been drying out there for at least a couple years; brown needles and it crackled just to look at it.

When I put THAT puppy on the blaze, standing upright, there were green leaves on the tree overhead scorching off the branches. Neat!

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