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Monday, 09 May 2005



Hey, his face is starting to come in... cool! Well, at least judging by that second picture. Maybe you noticed it earlier.


PS: I just realised that sounds weird. By my initial statement, I mean that I could see what he'd look like much older by that second picture. The ratios in his face have begun their journey to adult.

PPS: I hope you know what I mean by "ratios in his face".

PPPS: I need to go eat supper. I think my blood sugar is low. :/


Happy First!!!!! And, in 20 years you will be grateful for having the opportunity to change Declan's diapers!! ( Okay, I'm lying out my arse, but you helped create the little poopmeister 2004; you can help change him!!) Oh and Happy Mother's Day to your beloved!! You better have spoiled her rotten! Take it from an old married gal...it grease the wheels for forgiveness when you screw up later in the year!! ;)Penny


Hey, Simon ... glad to hear the party was a success, and sorry that your little guy went from being the life of the party to the party pooper...overnite !! Tina


Hopefully, the ratios will end up being somewhere around 1.618.

I cannot, in good taste, go into details. There was an element of spoiling. 'Poopmeister 2004' just might turn into a nickname. Love it.

He's somehow always the life of the party!

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