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Wednesday, 04 May 2005



Well it is interesting to see that all the quotes come from films IV, V and VI and nothing from I and II.

I have not actualy seen II yet (and now Simon will make come down here and force feed me it) but there has to be at least one memorable line from Obi Wan in those two movies? Or C3P0? One quote from Yoda is all the two movies rate?

And none of the characters rate higher than 11?

Of course I am not the afficiando here, just an amused spectator.



BOB, if I had the means to come down to south Florida and cram it down your gullet, rest assured I would not.

Though I may be forced to present a facade of disparagement to those who don't embrace the series as I have, I still respect you.

And really, Episodes IV, V and VI did have the better dialogue. George missed a little bit with the first two prequals. Redemption will reside within Revenge, rest assured. You gotta have faith.

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