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Friday, 06 May 2005



An interesting concept of hell: I read a discussion on a message board in which the writer put forth that heaven and hell are not two separate places. His point was that there is only one afterlife, which is being "in the presence of God," and everyone goes there. However, for those who have led an evil life, being in the presence of God is unbearable, and so becomes that person's personal hell.

At least I think that's what he was saying. It's all just fairy tales as far as I'm concerned.


Fairy tales?

So what, you just discorporate at the end of all things and completely cease to be? Don't you have a sense that there is something more and greater than thou and that you are somehow inexplicably a part of it?


I like the interpretation Paul gave of heaven/hell. I have never felt the need to justify my lack of belief. It just is; furthermore, I could never countenance the idea that the whole God/Satan thing is basically a tired cliche from the movie Trading Places. The two evil brothers make a wager that they can take a loser from the streets and turn him into a productive member of society. They wager a dollar on this bet, and at the conclusion, both unknowing parties to this wager will be cast off. Sure Satan, you can TRY to run the show, but I bet ya a buck you lose... then again, I am more comfortable with the idea that my scew-ups are mine alone. My accomplishments are mine. For me, it is a logical way to go through life....Penny


I agree that pretty much the WHOLE God/Satan thing is man's contrivance. Anyone who takes religion, any religion, strictly at face value ought to have their own smacked. Perhaps the sting would wake them a bit. Mind you, taking it at face value, they might just turn the other cheek.

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