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Thursday, 12 May 2005



What does Simon's photo look like?
Survey results:
45% - Nudie bar hawker
21% - Someone who ate a lot of cauliflower
17% - Vampire getting directions
7% - Middle-class husband, whipped
6% - Confused finger-model
3% - Level 2 Human Ranger (True Neutral)
1% - Tard


Well, I don't know about 'tard,' but whatever it is you are pointing at, it is clear that you don't 'get it.' Hopefully, it isn't your wife.


Funny, fv, how your 45% shows up as a nudie bar hawker. That pic was taken on my Montreal stag party, not more than a few blocks from St. Catherine's Street. (Ave?)

Good thing we spent the whole weekend working in a soup kitchen.

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