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Monday, 11 April 2005


The Gimme A Buck Guy

You *almost* have me convinced... don't tell my wife!


Well if Henri's convinced then I can't be far behind. Hey, Henri! I'll race ya!

Great post, Simon. I need to come back and give the attention it deserves when I am not so tired. But I read snippets and it confirms all those things I think and feel about having kids. I'm just scared, truth be told.


Simon, thank you so much.


David, I still am.


My own are 24 and 27 now ( certainly not kids anymore ) and I'm still amazed at the fact that they came from me. I sometimes miss all the "kid" stuff, but it's a different kind of wonderful when you can relate to them as adults .... and as friends. Tina


wow. a post worthy to bust my husband! thank you. i knew he was harboring fatherhood feelings deep down in the abyss :}

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