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Tuesday, 19 April 2005



Hee hee...



Try this


It seems that satire moves even faster than the speed of rumour. Uncanny!


Can anyone say "Zeif Heil?" ;) Penny


If u make fun of how people look u should take your pic down u look like a tard.

Kevin D. Allen

The dark side of the force has always disguised as the moral absolute truth attacking any ideology that jeopardizes its position of power. Only a Sith talks in absolutes! It's so disturbing to see the picture of Emperor Darth Ratzinger and the way he goes gaining more and more political power among the Nations of the Earth planet. Let us not be slaves of the Roman Catholic Empire, the longest Empire that still prevails on Earth that has committed genocide by its "Holy Inquisition" and many other disgraces it has committed in the name of God. Let's wake up, come to our senses and don't follow this dictator, stop him from intervening in the political affairs, state-church separation and democracy of the nations. May the force be with us all.


Well... The name Palpatine does strikes me as a name that has something to do with Papacy.

And the looks of Benedict XVI sure looks like Ian McDiarmid (the actor that plays Palpatine). Though McDiarmid has a nicer looks, and looks much kinder like John Paul II.

If you put a hood on Benedict XVI, he would look more like Darth Sidious on Episode I, Episode II, and Episode III and also Palpatine in Episode V and Episode VI. But then again, many old people look like that under a hood.

As for Benedict XVI.

I wonder if this is what they mean when it's said that he's a transitional Pope?

It's interestingly that they choose someone that looks like Senator/Supreme Chancellor/Emperor Palpatine. At the same year Episode III was released.

As for Ratzinger/Benedict XVI's equivalent in the Star Wars universe.

It probably would be Yoda. He's the oldest, many if not most or even all of the Jedi Council members seems to have a close connection with Yoda.

Much like Ratzinger/Benedict XVI and the Cardinals.

The Jedi Order is also much like the Roman Catholic.

But if Benedict XVI is Yoda, who is Palpatine? Who is Anakin?


Lies of the dark side I feel those words are......tricky the dark side is! Coincidence exists not, keep an eye on this new pope the jedi council will!



Now this is this latest pic of Pope http://www.breitbart.com/images/2005/11/21/051221182323.6y8q01ja/SGE.QCU41.211205182537.photo00.quicklook.default-245x171.jpg
I am afraid the the ugly mug is quite operational...


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