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Friday, 29 April 2005



I feel so bad for you...I'm not going to share the weather here..it would be rude... Does Canada ever warm up??? I mean, besides the two days in July that ALL Americans hear about??( I'm kidding, OBVIOUSLY!!) Ever seen Wagon's East? John Candy's last film....he wants to move to Canada, cuz' he hears it's warmer there!
Get a portable warmer for the B-day!!! P.S. This has nuthin to do with nuthin, but the Kill Bill series rocks!!!


I never did see that movie actually. Wagon's East, I mean. I was never a big fan of... hang on a sec, I hafta get a sweater, it's almost too cold here to type...

Now where was I? Oh yeah, Kill Bill. You are so right. That couple of movies absolutely rocks. Large.

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