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Wednesday, 16 March 2005



Always important to count the blessings and immortalize those moments. Is Declan now graduated to a frog?

And now that I've seen all your tattoos, Simon, I'm sorry but there's no mystery left ;)



A 'tot' actually. He's graduated from the 'babes' course now. 'Frog' is still a short ways off.

No mystery?! The onion that is Simon Fraser has many layers yet to be revealed. And you missed most of the back-tat. But I won't be doffing shirt in Oakville this May...


Thanks for the reminder. I'm going to go hug my son. I'll get punched for it, but it's worth it.


Ok, I admit the Decster is a cute little water bug. And I second your unpoken rationale for ditching work early yesterday.

But the Devil is in the details - was W.C. Fields his great-grandfather? Nosy Nabobs want to know.

Hellhounds nipping at his heels, he vanishes into the ether from whence he came...


Hey, Simon !! Great pics. Love that sweet baby's face ( like that leaf tat...too ) Mine are all grown up now, or supposed to be, anyway =). This is such a cliche, but they do grow up so much faster than you can imagine, so just ENJOY !! Tina


weird, the page doesn't open in Firefox but I can see it in Exploder. I can't see any of the pages unless I open them in new tabs. weirdness.

in any case, go team!

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