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Monday, 14 March 2005



ok, I'll bite. I didn't sign up for Paul's but my mind is now prepared. Shoot.


Interesting. Where will you post the answers?



Empire Strikes back is the better second movie clearly. Asking which is the better second movie indicates that there should be a form or a progression to the movies. Star Wars is 1 story set using the perfect timing and placing as a Trilogy. Star wars has the Intro to the Characters and there first triumph, Empire smashes the "new hope" with defeat and Jedi redeems and ties it all together.

Wrath of Khan is the the best of the Star Trek movies to be sure, but instead of being a great Second movie in a series it is only the best version of the same movie filmed 10 different times.

There now you know.


My friend, I must fart in your general direction. Or agree to disagree. I am basing my criteria solely on comparison to the preceding movie in each series. By that means, Khan is CLEARLY the better second flick.

Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time.


Si, fire me five.


I've posted my answers at The Institute, filed under propaganda.


Hey, Simon. was just rereading your answers. Was interesting to see the comment about the East - West debate in Canada. Reminds me of the whole New York - L.A. thing. Crazy, isn't it ? I love it when all the "Hollywood" actors talk about how nothing beats NYC. However, they seem to enjoy spending alot more time on a Hollywood sound stage than a New York city theater stage. MONEY TALKS. Tina


This is kinda weird, I just read the post about E=mc2, commented that I was born on AE's b-day. Then I clicked on this post, ramdomly and it just happened to be my and Albert's birthday.
I know yu don'[t get off on coincidences and stuff, but I do!

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