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Thursday, 31 March 2005



Hey, Simon ..... These things sure put your life in perspective, don't they ? Makes us take a second look at all the wonderful people we are fortunate enough to have in our lives. Sounds like a nice send-off for your friend. I had to laugh at the "shocker" reference. Not an easy thing to explain at a memorial service, aye ? LOL Take care, Tina


Hubby and I were just talking about how we are now on what we call the "conveyer belt". Lives that are closing of persons we are close to...It seems too soon; we're in our forties and I really thought I wouldn't lose my friends for another 20 years!! I don't know about you, but these events always make me consider what I still want to do, and for some weird reason, this becomes the impetus for taking on something I would never have considered before...Hope you are well in mind and soul...Penny

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