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Friday, 18 March 2005



Nice picture in the sidebar. Will you heretofore be referring to your child as "The Spawn?" Also, that bubble picture is superdedooperdecool!


Very cool pic indeed. But it's not a bubble picture. I somehow managed to photographically capture all the spirits that are protecting my son. You of all people should know that, Paul.


That sounds like a LOT of preparation. Whoa. Cakes? Good cakes? Actually, may I come?


Sure can Shiz. If you're gonna be around the Edmonton area on Saturday May 7th, I'll come pick you up. Our snow should be gone by then.


Hey, Simon .... May is a lovely time to be born ( My B'Day is May 7th, my son is May 13 ). Nice time to have a party, too. I LOVE birthday cake ! Tina


They sure are purdier than my cat ghosts.


Looks eerily like the pics of the "I see dead people" kid on The Sixth Sense....spooky...be Paul's having a field day with it!!! And as a mother, the first birthday is quite important!! As are the future 17 he is in your care!!!Penny

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