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Wednesday, 16 March 2005



Where Simon goes wrong.

1. Best Star Wars moment:
"It is too late for me, son. The Emperor will show you the true nature of the Force. He is your master now."
"Then my father is truly dead."

4. Best Alien / Creature:

5. Best Minor Character:

6. Best line of dialogue:
"All too easy."

8. Best costume:
Sarlacc Pit

11. Best Lightsabre:
Luke's from Jedi. He built it himself! His powers were complete! Plus it fits in R2-D2.

13. Best Fight:
Attack of the Clones
Yoda versus Count Dooku
Ugh! I have to take a moment to reject this fight. It was way too frenetic for a true Jedi Master. I was hoping for some Crouching Tiger minimal-movement fighting from him.

The real best fight so far is easily Obi-Wan v Darth Maul. Look carefully, padawan.

14. Best Vehicle:

20. Best use of the Force:
Qui-Gon using his lightsaber to melt the door to the trade federation bridge. Damn!

21. Best Poster:
Any Special edition classic trilogy poster. Love em.

23. Best Death:
Death Star II

25. Best Chase Sequence:
Luke and Leia vs two Scouts on landspeeders in Jedi

26. Best Action Set Piece:
Jabba's barge

32. Best Planet:
Coruscant - of all the planets to have one environment, this one I believe the most.

33. Best Special Edition Tweak:
Cloud City in Empire.

34. Best Film:
Jedi, just for the excellent showdown


vinny offers up some very respectable alternates for some of the poll questions. Being the open-minded fellow that I am, there is really only one to which I take exception:

The best use of the Force in the series was definitely Obi-Wan's jedi mind trick used on the trooper entering Mos Eisley. It shows the true subtle nature of the Force, not just the in-your-face kind of stuff.

Plus, Qui-Gon's use of the lightsabre was purely technological. Unless you count the fact that one must use the Force in the construction of the device, which is a bit of a cop-out on the question if you ask me. But you didn't.


Is the lightsaber purely technology? Qui-Gon looks like he's concentrating on the force. He doesn't even notice the approach of the droidekas.


I'm just posting for the bonus points :)

3263827 - the serial number of the trash compactor. A friend of mine won at Star Wars trivial pursuit with that question.


I'd have to give the best death scene to Shmi Skywalker. Qui Gon did that lame stunt fall at the end of his.


Best moment:
Luke go dark-side bad ass on Vader with massive aggression when the latter threatens with the corruption of Luke's sister.
Notice the background score turns towards a sorrow-esque melody, signaling the corruption of Luke and the struggle between son and father (nothing is as sad as a torn up family); then as he realises what he has wrought, one step from killing Vader, taking a look at Vader, then at his metallic cybernetic palm (arm) implant and stopping.
Second, perhaps, only to the "-I- am your father" scene as a dramatic climax.


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