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Tuesday, 22 February 2005



Interesting, Simon. However, you are certainly one of the most multi-talented individuals I know, and consequently are more flexible than most. Most people find their niche, recognizing quickly that there are far too many areas they cannot compete in. Your comment then, that most "subsequently struggle when forced temporarily outside" is true, but not a failing. Raising children in an era where it's expected that they be excellent at everything also shows that the pressure to be super-adaptable starts very early. Not everyone is suited to every job, and when performance appraisal, contract renewal and raises are at stake, it's quite daunting to be expected to do something outside your domain that may negatively impact your future. I'm not against giving people opportunities to try different tasks, but allow that not everyone is in for the challenge.



I heartily agree, Majesty.

There is a blurry line that divides those that settle comfortably into a niche from those that feel confined by their own and do little but gripe about their confinement. And truthfully, I think most of us spend time on both sides.

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