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Friday, 18 February 2005



Funny. I saw this a couple days ago. Must remember to pass it on to the wifatical object.


We were all somewhat non-plussed when my sister named her three children Elijah, Micah, and Josiah. According to that site, they are right on the leading edge of the old-testament-prophet trend. In a couple of years, every kid will be named Ezekiel, or Nehemiah, or Haggai. Oh well, we were trendy in the nineties, when we named our son Matthew.


Love the new logo!!! I can recall choosing a name for our first born. We had settled on Arianna Nicole...the day she was born, on first seeing her, I said" Hi Shannon Tara-Lynn"...so much for choosing a name before-hand...fore-warned is fore-armed :)Penny ( always an unpopular name, but somewhat unique)

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