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Saturday, 12 February 2005



Okay, I admit, sometimes, I am quite obtuse...bearing that in mind, I clicked on the diagram, and alas, it had no links. Do YOU really expext me to WORK for it??? Throw me a bone here!! ( Figuratively, of course... ;) Penny http://journals.aol.com/schnozbeary/FreshCupMoveDown

uuummm..never mind...I am obtuse...to my right are any and all links I might need....Have a Nice Day.....: silly kuniggit:


Hey there.....Just came across your journal and had a good time checking it out ... I'm trying to remember just HOW I ended up here, but, no matter......I can relate to your entry, "What's left for me". As a fellow lefty, I get the inky-pinky, too. Hopefully, you never had to endure Catholic school, where the nuns spent most of their time trying to turn my paper in the "right" direction ( I just waited until the dear sister walked away, and went back to my own way of doing things ) ..I think that's why so many lefties have that 'twisted-arm' thing goin' on when they write. Just a thought... Take care, Tina


Dude, you're like, totally getting some traffic from me.


I am indeed.
The more I wander around, posting comments and leaving my site address behind, the more folks can get exposed to my particular flavour of tripe.

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