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Monday, 25 October 2004



1) Well, it isn't yet nailed down that the universe exploded Goldilocks-style, "just right". In fact, it looks like it's accelerating. They've even coined "The Big Rip" for the end of all things. They're doing a LOT of work closing in on it and I think we're a good 50-100 years from even establishing the "flatness" of the universe. Once we do, there's a whole mess of matter and energy that is completely unexplainable (All known forms of energy and matter only make up 2-5% of the energy and matter (they're interchangeable dontcha know) in the known universe!!!*)

*Yes, guessing how much energy/matter is in the whole universe is tricky but physicists had their minds blown so much by this revelation that they are going out of their way to nail it down and 2-5% keeps coming up. See Dark Energy

2) You're hovering very near to the Teleological argument. Beware, there be dragons here.

3) I owe another debt to wikipedia.


One more: Anthropic Principle

Thanks for giving me an excuse to root through more Wikipedia (and lose even more sleep). If you have time, check out Cognitive Bias. There's even a list of 'em!



I would never go so far as to claim proof of divinity from a scientific basis. My intent was more to establish a potential union for scientific and esoteric thought. I'll not flirt with those dragons, I recognize it to be an exercise in futility. At least from my perspective.

Thanks for the list of links.

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