> Ontario Trip


May of 2005 saw the Frasers take their first ever family vacation with a young child.

It was a whirlwind tour of Ontario, ostensibly to share in the 80th birthday celebrations of Simon's grandmother. It also ended up being a 10-day showcase for the newest addition to both sides of the family.

Mom and Dad (ie - Amy and Simon) were just supporting players cast into orbit around their son. Nobody who came into contact with him was able to resist. Declan simply took it as his due.

In selecting some few pics to include here, the paring-down process (from 300+ pictures) was aided by restricting those displayed to those containing at least one of the three of us (mom, dad or son). Since this blog is really just a self-aggrandising adventure into the life of the Frasers (and more specifically Simon) anyway...